Annual Service Project- Smoke Alarms and Safety Awareness  Messages 

This year's annual service project is to ensure that all houses we encounter have working smoke alarms. While we are doing that, we are also sharing important life safety messages that can benefit you and your  specific lifestyle. We determined areas of the city that were at a higher risk, and these are the areas we will be targeting if we have not already been to that area.


   For this project, we partnered with Red Cross and we were able to obtain lots of smoke alarms and install them free of charge in residences. This process begins with putting up flyers and giving notice to residents of our arrival in 3-7 days. Those who want us to check their smoke alarms will leave the flyer on the door and flip it to the correct side. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Post Committee Chair Daniel Daly at: 972-941-7653.