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History of Post 215

Explorer Post 215 was originally established in March of 1988 as the result of a partnership between Boy Scouts of America and Plano Fire-Rescue with the goal of providing young men and women an opportunity to learn about the fire service while they provided service to the community. In 1992 the partnership changed slightly as the Exploring Program transitioned under Learning For Life (a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America). Over the years the Post has won a variety of accolades for both its individual efforts here in Plano as well as its member's performance at competitive events with other Posts.  Many former Explorers have gone on to become service-driven individuals both in and outside of the fire service.  Currently three former Post 215 members work for Plano Fire-Rescue.  Several other Plano Fire-Rescue personnel also began their fire service career as Explorers.

Due to cuts in Fire-Rescue’s staff in 2009, the Post took a five-year hiatus from 2009 to 2014. In October 2014 the Post re-chartered with eleven Explorers and four Advisors. In 2020 we have seventeen Explorers and twelve Advisors on the Post roster.

Post 215 falls under the Community Outreach and Education office of Plano Fire-Rescue.   In addition to preparing young adults for success through education and training, the Post has played, and will continue to play, an integral part of community fire safety and education to the citizens and visitors of Plano. 

Dallas Fire Explorer Games 
April 2019
Explorer Games Practice 
February 2019 
Explorer SCBA Training 
January 2019
Explorer Bunk out Training 
January 2019 
City of Plano Council meeting 
April 2019 
 Explorer Radio Training 
February 2019 
Explorer Vehicle Extraction 
May 2018 
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